New Vent Releases

Get the latest clone of Vent from

  1. Change the version number

    • docs/source/
  2. Edit and include a list of changes that were made. Please follow previous formatting.

  3. Run list of authors and put in AUTHORS to make sure it is up to date:

    git log --format='%aN <%aE>' | sort -f | uniq
  4. Commit the changes, open a PR, and merge into master.

  5. Now let’s upload the release to pypi assuming there’s an account with admin access and a corresponding .pypirc:

    python3 sdist upload
  6. Create a new github release. Tag and release title are the version number.

  7. Finally, change the version number to the next version number with a dev tag. Eg: Commit the version change, make a PR, and merge to master.